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Removing minor dents, repairing car body without painting.

We are a family company- father & son.
This innovative technique for dent repair (repairing car body without painting) started in the USA over 25 years ago. 

Removing minor dents, repairing car body without painting.

Removing minor dents is a noninvasive way of car body repair after hail damage or door dings. We provide services to individuals, large companies,and car dealers. Contact us by phone or by e-mail.
You may also send a photo of your car damage by email.

At first insurance companies, who in most cases pay compensations for damages, were sceptical about this method. It is not surprising, as this dent removal technique was not widely used.
gradobicie_naprawaWith time, however, it turned out that this technique not only provides excellent quality but also is the fastest and the most cost effective technique as opposed to traditional methods.

Body damage can be removed without painting faster, cheaper and more efficiently. The cost of our technique is about 30% lower and in cases of extreme damage it may be up to 50% lower.

That is why having had a damage reported, insurance companies consider paintless damage removal first. Both insurance companies and private car owners all over the world more often choose the paintless dent removal repair method that we offer. Also in Poland this technique is becoming more and more popular.

We offer our services in the following regions: Małopolskie, Kraków, Śląsk, Podlasie but also other parts of Poland and Europe.

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Removing minor dents, repairing car body without painting

Car Dent Poland
Family company - father & son. Richard Sigler
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